Review: Last Knight HD (Games / Running)

by Matthew on January 21, 2013

Last Knight HD

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Last Knight HD (Version: 1.0.5)

Reviewed by Matthew Chan on Jan 21st 2013

Quick Rating: 9 out of 10

What is it?
► This is a fun running game feature horse riding and jousting. However, current version of the game does not support single cpu iDevices, such as iPod Touch 4, iPad 1, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

► Excellent 3D graphics making full use of Unreal engine
► Realistic ragdoll physics on horses, characters and other creatures in the game
► Great replay value with two gaming modes: Story and Endless. In Endless mode, each time you play in a randomly generated world. With Story mode, you play through an original fairy tale story.
► Fully customized controls – you can choose anything between swipe and button controls. Swipe sensitivity can also be customized, which I found it is important for swipe control since the default sensitivity is too low for responsive left-right control (also see Con).
► Fun and challenging gameplay – riding through narrow caves with enemies is full of challenges.

► In the Story mode, the story screen flashed whenever the game displayed a new dialog. I found it quite annoying. Luckily, it did not affect the gameplay screen.
► Even I set the sensitivity to max (80), I still found left-right control not very responsive.

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★ I am interested to know any tips and tricks on playing this game. Please share your experience with us at the comment below. ★

Last Knight HD

>!>iPod Touch 4, iPad 1 and 3GS are NOT SUPPORTED at this time. iPhone 4 is not recommended.
–Enhanced graphics for new devices–

LAST KNIGHT – An Endless Jousting, Jump and Ride game made with the Unreal Engine!

Grab your lance and joust against the Horned Buckets!
Battle against a wide range of fantasy creatures, from dragons to giant toads! Each and every creature has ragdoll physics – send your enemys flying!
The dangerous environments will challenge your jumping and dodging skills – more fun around every turn!

Collect coins, unlock and upgrade power ups, get all the characters, play through the story, make the longest ride and more!

‘Amazing visuals. Fun environments and power-ups. Rewarding difficulty and jousting combat system.’ 4.5/5

‘The controls are simple to pick up and the graphics look great. ‘ 10/10
-Lowdown Mag

‘Last Knight is nothing short of marvelous!’ 4.5/5

Knights, horses, dragons, unicorns, castles, buckets, skeletons, rainbows, toads, princesses, spiders, treasures, giant bats, all things fantasy related in a beautiful dangerous world. – There is something for everyone!

Endless Mode – Randomly Generated World – each time you play is different!
Story Mode – that will take you through a exciting journey
Intense 3d graphics with the Unreal Engine
6 different fantasy stylized environment themes
Various enemies with unique behaviors
Ragdoll physics – for all creatures!
Advanced lighting and shader techniques
Various unique power ups and characters

Close all other apps running in the background for optimal performance and a smooth startup. You can also turn your device completely off to free the ram.

>>The 1.1 version is currently waiting to get approved by Apple, it fixes the issues with the ram and the startup crashes some people are experiencing! It also includes the new Squire Endless mode.

What’s New in Version 1.0.5
– New “Fallen Heroes” feature
– Greatly improved controls
– Lots of tweaks that make the game overall easier
– Almost every story level has been tweaked to be easier
– New controls type and new controls options
– Alternative button sizes
– “A or B” story telling choices fixed
– Improved performance
– Improved ram usage (please still make sure not to have lots of other apps running in the background)
– Other small tweaks and fixes

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