Review: Interactive Minds: Solar System (Education / Kids / 5-10 years old)

by Matthew on January 19, 2013

Interactive Minds: Solar System

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Interactive Minds: Solar System (Version: 1.1)

Reviewed by Matthew Chan on Jan 19th 2013

Quick Rating: 9 out of 10

What is it?
► This is an interactive educational app teaches children facts about the Solar system.

► Clean, interactive and logical layout – easy to follow contents
► Limit to five most relevant facts on each object – it makes sure it will not overwhelm younger children.
► It focuses on relationship between objects. Unlike other Solar system educational apps only list facts.
► Great collection of photos and videos

► Some fonts are quite small. Young children might have difficulty reading it.

In-App Ad:
► None

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★ I am interested to know how this app could help your kids. Please share your experience with us at the comment below. ★

Interactive Minds: Solar System

Learn about the solar system in a hands-on way! This interactive science book features over 40 pages of fact filled content as well as numerous videos and interactive simulations.

Learn about:
• The Milky Way galaxy
• The Sun
• The planets and their moons
• The dwarf planets
• Planetary day and night cycles
• Planetary seasons
• Gravity
• Planetary magnetic fields
• Space exploration

• The size differences between the Sun, planets, and moons
• How much a person would weigh on the Sun, the other planets, and the Moon
• How the seasons change as the Earth orbits the Sun
• How fast the planets orbit the Sun
• The solar system distances to scale

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