Review: Feed That Dragon HD (Games / Launching Puzzle)

by Matthew on January 7, 2013

Feed That Dragon HD

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Feed That Dragon HD (Version: 1.1.1)

Reviewed by Matthew Chan on Jan 7th 2013

Quick Rating: 7.5 out of 10

What is it?
► This is a solid physics launching puzzle game with fun gameplay; however, the background story and the game do not go well together.

► Solid puzzle level design: Many ways to put food into dragon’s mouth by launching, bouncing, blowing, etc.
► Good physics engine – food bounces and falls like in the real world
► Keep your eyes refresh with day and night theme

► The background story and the game do not match. You are required to feed the King’s pet dragon, but each time you feed it in different location. It seems relocating the dragon is more difficult than feeding it. And some locations (levels) you are right next to the dragon, but you still need to launch food backward and bounce it all around before going into dragon’s mouth.

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Feed That Dragon HD


The King’s orders are clear. You are in charge of feeding the royal pet: That BIG Dragon.

His appetite is endless and so is the FUN you’ll have as you go though each level in this feeding extravaganza. It’s guaranteed hours of endless FUN for you, your family and friends!

Help McDuff deliver those delicious meals in this brand new physics puzzler and satiate that BIG Dragon’s hunger.

Anyone can easily pick up and play, but can you beat each level and get all 3 stars? Find out now!

Key Features:

★ Incredibly fun levels
★ Mind blowing puzzles
★ Gorgeous graphics
★ Premium quality music and sound effects
★ Day time, Afternoon and Night themes
★ Excellent replay value
★ Game Center Leaderboards
★ Endless fun!
★ That BIG Dragon!

If you like to feed that BIG Dragon, please rate it and we’ll make sure more levels keep coming!

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