Review: Amazing Fingers (Games / Arcade)

by Matthew on April 16, 2013

Amazing Fingers

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Amazing Fingers (Version: 1.1.1)

Reviewed by Matthew Chan on Apr 16th 2013

Quality Rating: 9 out of 10

Addictive Rating: 0 out of 10 (Not Addictive / 4+)

What is it?
► This is a “animated-finger” version of the famous Twister board game (Wikipedia). You (and your friends) are required to touch certain “stars” on the screen and remain touching the “stars” for a few seconds to win a level.

► A unique game that tests your “finger” physical skill. You think this game let you sit and just move your fingers around the screen to win? Well, think again. After 15 minutes of the game, you will find yourself standing up, turning around, moving your iPad and twisting your fingers. That is what it takes to win the levels.
► Well designed levels – the game not just requires finger dexterity but also puzzle solving skills. In the more difficult levels, it is hard to visualize how to put your fingers (and others fingers) to able to stay touching the moving “stars”. You have to keep trying different positions before what would work. Do not worry about unsolvable levels, the developer said all levels had been tested by themselves.
► Great party game – play up to four players or 80 fingers! Well, maybe not 80 fingers touching the screen at the same time, but it can easily be the game of your party.

► I tested this game with my children and found out this game is not designed for small hands and short fingers. It is very difficult for them to stretch their fingers far enough to reach all the “stars”. Maybe the developer can come up with some children levels in future updates.

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Amazing Fingers

★★★ Featured in AppsGoneFree by AppAdvice, App Price Drops by Apple Sliced, ★★★

Amazing Fingers will bring fun to you and your friends wherever you are. All you need is: dexterity, wit and a sense of adventure. The point of the game is to drag the chips of different colors on the target-buttons of the playing field, which is changing rapidly as you progress through levels.

You won’t be bored with a single mode of the game, Amazing Fingers’ puzzles will help you to warm up and stretch your fingers.

Do you want to immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere with your loved one or a potential mate? Choose the mode for two: gentle touches of your hands during passing some piquant levels will help you to get closer. Besides, in this set of levels you will be able to compete with your rival in the flexibility of your fingers and cleverness.

You also can invite your friends and play this game choosing the mode for 3 or 4 people. You will spend a good time in an unforgettable atmosphere of fun and laughter playing Amazing Fingers with your friends.

Amazing Fingers:
• is no age limit game, suitable for both children and adults;
• trains motility of hands, quick wit, skill, ingenuity;
• 288 fun levels;
• beautiful graphics, fun music, colorful backgrounds;
• universal game for when you are alone, with family, friends or loved one.

Before starting the game, please turn off all multitasking gestures! All levels are 100% solvable. Tested by developers.

What’s New in Version 1.1.1
• 48 new levels
• New app name
• New beautiful graphics and pleasant music
• Enhancement in game localization

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Song April 30, 2013 at 3:37 am

thanks for review, it’s a really cool app!


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