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by Matthew on May 3, 2013

OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse

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OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse (Version: 2.8.1)

Quick Rating: 9.5 out of 10

What is it?
► This is a great and easy way to create time lapse video from your iPhone.

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OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse

Simple, intuitive, powerful time-lapse and stop motion photography. Create and share stunning videos with ease. Packed full of features, OSnap! is truly the ultimate time-lapse and stop motion app. Perfect for both casual and serious photographers.


“If you’re passionate about taking amazing iPhone pics, check out OSnap!” –Apple’s App Store via Facebook

“…perhaps THE best time-lapse photography app on iOS” –Awais Imran, Redmond Pie

“Very cool” –The Daily Appster

“The bounty of options never feels overwhelming or superfluous” — Eric Gwinn, Chicago Tribune

“…a must have for shooting Time Lapses bar none” –DSLRVideoClassRoom

“Don’t miss it!” –App Chronicles

“This app is packed full of features…a high recommendation for anyone who seriously wants to dive into the world of time-lapse movies.” –Chris Nizt, 148Apps



-Create quick and easy time-lapse and stop motion projects using built-in presets; or customize your projects with a multitude of options
-Projects are ongoing; add or delete images any time you like
-Supports portrait and landscape
-Customize your default settings so that each new project begins with the exact settings you want

-Supports front and back cameras, camera flash, tap for exposure and focus, exposure lock, white balance lock, focus lock
-Capture images at high or low resolution; supported devices also include 16:9 capture options (960×540, 720p, 1080p)
-‘Listening’ mode triggers photo capture with loud sounds for stop motion projects
-Choose from a collection of unique, highly customizable target overlays to keep your photo sequences aligned and consistent. Overlay types include grid, onion skin, adjustable brackets, and ‘eyes’
-Reminders: Never forget to take a photo. Set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reminders
-Perfect for ‘Daily Portrait’ time lapse projects

-Create HD videos from 1-100 frames per second
-Include music or other audio from your device
-Specify the number of times you would like your sequence to repeat; or loop sequence to end of audio
-Videos are saved and archived and can be accessed at any time
-Share your videos easily to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, via Email, or to your Camera Roll
-Share photos easily to Facebook, Twitter, via Email, or to your Camera Roll
-TIP: Exported video resolution is always dictated by the FIRST image in the time-lapse sequence

-Play and watch your projects immediately without rendering to video
-Adjust the speed of your playback WHILE you watch
-Choose speeds from 1-100 frames per second
-Add music from your device
-Infinitely loop playback
-Videos you eventually render will mimic your playback settings exactly

-OSnap!’s powerful editing features allow for the ultimate in time-lapse creativity
-Duplicate, splice, reverse, mix and edit together pieces of your time-lapse sequences into entirely new cinematic creations
-Import photos from your device camera roll (requires In-App purchase of $0.99)

-Set timer to capture images as fast as every 0.25 seconds (performance may vary with hardware) or as slow as every 48 hours
-Photos are saved immediately so that you will never lose data
-System notifications will not interrupt timed photo sessions
-Set a delayed start so that your capture session does not begin immediately
-Limit number of photos for each timed capture session; or take unlimited photos
-Darken screen during long image capture sessions to help preserve battery life
-Rapid timer settings (as fast as 0.25 seconds) allows for photo burst capabilities; capture multiple, quick photo sequences of sports and other live action events


What’s New in Version 2.8.1

-Stability improvements during timed photo sessions with intervals of 2-5 seconds, particularly in the case of iPhone 4 shooting hi res
-Greater resistance to failure as a result of incoming phone calls during a timed photo shoot (Airplane Mode is still highly recommended)
-Added new ‘OSnap! Add-Ons’ section for making/viewing/restoring In-App purchases
-Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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