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by Matthew on May 9, 2013


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iColorama (Version: 3.25)

Quick Rating: 9 out of 10

What is it?
► Excellent editing tool to turn a normal photo into a dramatic contrast masterpiece.

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Get it also for iPhone:

iColorama is an imaging creativity app for people interesting in enhancing their photos or drawings and to convert them in amazing pieces of art.

There are too many effects to be listed. The effects are from simple image adjustments to complicated math transforms. Images can also be painted with many different brushes.(200 +)

Share directly your creations in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.


There are 3 fantastic tutorials written by Jerry Jobe:

The app is updated almost monthly based on the community requests. NO In-App purchases or advertisings. Developing is on going and your requests count.

Visit our community if you are interested in knowing more or just check our tag #icolorama on Instagram

Million thanks to Carolyn Hall Young, Jerry Jobe, David Hayes,Wayne Kimbell and Leslee Moore.

Last version inspired by the art of Carol Dogsitter Smith, Sarah Jarret, Rudy Vogel, Marie Matthews, Mike Bowers and Geri Centonze.

In Instagram I recommend to check three of my favorites artist: @butterflychaser @freyafelix and @urbanjj

Don’t forget also to join where the iPhoneographers meet) and at that place don’t miss the amazing art of Catherine Restivo!

Have fun!

What’s New in Version 3.25

3.25 Fixes a serious bug with the explode brushes in 3.2

The news: Glitch, Kaleidoscope in Deform, three new Pixelate and Artistic brushes. Save and import brush mask. Overall brushes organization in groups, many new brushes.

As you test the new Artistic brushes, I would like to note that in general they are in development state (beta), but I offer them to you so you can use them right now without more delays.

There are 7 parameters for Artistic brushes:

– Size: size of the brush
– Intensity: color contrast
– Dib structure: zero will flat the brush, 1 will display the details of the brush e.g. shadows, embossed, edges. Not all the brushes have such details. But flowers have, move the slider to 1)
– Size Jitter: will vary the size of the brush
– Lightness of the brush
– Color Jitter: will vary the color of the stroke
– Edge: will show or not the edge of the brush

Good presets to use before going there: Flated:2 quantizes the colors, and after you finish Sharpen:6 will raise the paint. But you can use all kinds of effects, before and after.

There is not undo or eraser brush tool for now. You just re-brush in the region you would like to change. Information about the color is “semi” extracted from the original. In extreme cases you can use the masks for erasing mistakes.

The “semi” means that “fresh” paint is better than brushing many times in same region, as strokes become transparent after a while. Experiment from the start, so all the color information is available to the brush.

You can import the background for your painting by clicking the button with the mountains icon. After you begin to brush this button will (strangely) disappear. (As changing the background would erase all)

If you like, you can also reuse your painting as a “background” and continue brushing in another session or import your original image and brush above it.

Visit and join the community

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