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by Matthew on April 19, 2013


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Grungetastic (Version: 2.02)

Quality Rating: 9.5 out of 10

What is it?
► This photo effect app turns your photos into bold retro art works.

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Clean Photos Are So Yesterday!

Grungetastic for the Photographer that loves everything grungy. Simple, fast, and the output is something very much less than elegant.

Grungetastic is the very best at creating grunge, distorted, and distressed images. If you are looking for a clean elegant photo then you are in the wrong place!

With a few taps of your finger Grungetastic will transform your photo into a grungy work of art.

You control everything from colors, to multiple overlays, to borders. The possibilities are truly endless. Don’t settle for a simple app that gives you a few chosen styles when you can choose from infinite combinations.

The new “Randomize” button will quickly show you the power of the app. It truly randomizes all of the effect controls and will show you combinations you never dreamed of.

All aspect of the process can be adjusted on-the-fly without needing to enter into a dialog or modal state. Quick, efficient, and very user friendly.

Supports full-size images

Preview mode for quick workflow with large image rendered at save/email

Visual presets with the ability to create custom presets using the “Save” menu.

Get –Grungetastic– in App Store (iPhone)


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