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by Matthew on May 6, 2013

aDrive Video

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aDrive Video (Version: 3.5)

Quality Rating: 8 out of 10

What is it?
► This is a car camera app records the front view of your car and many driving information right into the video recording.

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aDrive Video

aDrive Video is easy to use application, combining functionality of specialized video recorder and car digital dashboard.

Have you ever regret that you did not have time to take a video of something interesting on the road, because you driving a car and have no possibility to quickly get the camera?… This application should solve the problem.

Once installed in the windscreen mount your iPhone acts as a digital compass, speedometer, G-meter and a basic GPS unit. You can start recording a video at any time, just simply click on the screen once. The speedometer, compass, digital clock and altimeter readings will be inserted RIGHT IN THE VIDEO file, so you will see them when viewing it using any available video player, without the “aDrive Video” application installed!

When you stop video recording, the ready movie will be automatically saved into the standard Photo Album, where you can view it later, email or upload on YouTube.

Additional features:

– Speed indicator changes color when you accelerating (can be disabled in Preferences);

– Application can automatically save video every several minutes (also option in Preferences). This divides your movie into separated clips, what makes easier to email them or upload to YouTube.

– You can choose an option to save ONLY several LAST minutes of the video. With this option you can keep the application running constantly, without filling all the available memory.

– You can disable the audio recording to save the iPhone memory and be able to record longer video clips;

– 3 different dashboard layouts;

– 2 settings for dashboard size;

– You can adjust video compression rate;

– Some of dashboard readings can be disabled;

– Front side camera support;

– Possibility of inserting Apple Map patch into recorded video;

– Kilometers per hour, miles per hour and knots speed units;

– Visit our web site to see video examples!
– Please check is your windscreen mount capable of holding the iPhone in landscape and free the camera lens on it’s back side.
– We recommend to use the iPhone 4 or higher. Old iPhones 3G not supported;

Application uses built-in GPS to get the speed and location data.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality! THE BEST AND FASTEST WAY CONTACT US IS SENDING YOUR REQUESTS AND BUG REPORTS to [email protected] WE ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN DIALOG, what is not possible when you leaving the bug-report as AppStore review.
Atoll Ordenadores Web SiteaDrive Video Support
What’s New in Version 3.5

– iPhone 5 Retina 4″ screen support;
*** Rate 5 stars to stimulate us release more updates with new features added;

– Possibility to record videos with higher resolution (warning! can be jumpy on older iPhones);

– New Dashboard Layout, “G-Meter”. Inserts the accelerometer reading into result video;

– Fix in small display layout;
– Recording continue after application enter foreground;
– Focus camera by screen tap, like standard Camera app;

– Additional dashboard layout (select Preferences/Dashboard and switch DashboardL layout to Minimal) – looks more compact, but have no compass;

– Front side camera support;
– Feet as altitude units;

– Inserting Apple Map patch into recorded video;

– Option to save ONLY several LAST minutes of video;
– Option to stop videо recording on device shake;
– Several fixes;

– Speed indicator color coding;
– Automatic saving every X minutes of video (set in Preferences)
– Knots as speed units

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