Review: Roads of Rome HD (Games / RT Strategy)

by Matthew on November 2, 2012

Roads of Rome HD

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Roads of Rome HD (Version: 1.04)

Reviewed by Matthew Chan on Nov 2nd 2012

Quick Rating: 8 out of 10

What is it?
► This is a real-time strategy game with heavy focus on time management.

► Beautiful and pleasing graphics
► Every level adds a new element to gameplay – keep gameplay freshed
► Nice romantic background storyline

► Too focus on time management – taping quickly is more important than planning
► No reward system means no addictive gameplay

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► None

★ I am interested to know any tips and tricks on playing this game. Please share your experience with us at the comment below. ★

Roads of Rome HD

Discover Roads of Rome – both fans and critics favorite game. Advance into the unknown territories full of secrets and dangers. Expand the famous road system to the far corners of mighty Roman

Empire in this blend of casual strategy, sim and time management genres!

Follow the romantic love story, take up challenging tasks set by the wise Caesar, explore barbarian lands, win recognition and achieve victory.

Victorius, a brave Roman general, falls in love with Caesar’s daughter and wants to marry her. However, since Caesar has quite a different vision of his daughter’s future, he sends Victorius miles away to build a wide net of roads across the barbarian lands, find new towns and expand Roman influence and power. Victorius has no choice, but to do his best and succeed, so that Caesar lets him marry his daughter.
-popular PC game completely redesigned for iPad!
-intuitive controls
– beautiful HD graphics and animations
-realistic sound effects
-4 unlockable mini-games
– romantic love story!

Bring Roman spirit and culture to barbarians, build the roads of Rome and prove that you are the best Roman legionary in the whole empire! Get ready and set out on your journey full of adventures!

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