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by Matthew on November 18, 2012

RBL Status

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RBL Status (Utilities / Network)

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8 Ratings (Version: 1.9.3)

Quick Rating: 8.5/10

What is it?
► This network utility app checks your domain name against multiple DNS blacklists. Even you are not a network administrator, it is good idea to check if your domain name got blacklisted. You never know if some spammers use your domain name to send spams.

► Check if your domain name got blacklisted anytime anywhere (supports WiFi, 3G, EDGE & GPRS)
► Color coded for severeness – red, yellow and green.
► Able to organize domain names in groups

► Once the app found a problem, it does not provide a clickable link to the RBL web site.
► There is no information about the RBL weighting system

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► None

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RBL Status

Using RBL Status™ you can quickly check a list of your hosts against multiple DNS blacklists.

RBL Status checks your hosts against multiple DNS blackhole lists and present the information in a convenient way. With RBL Status you can quickly and easily determine which RBLs are currently listing hosts from your monitoring list.

DNSBL lookups are performed using asynchronous algorithms that allow RBL Status to operate quite fast – a lot of lists are checked within very short time.

*** FEATURES ***

– Group hosts into multiple checklists
– E-mail check results
– Predefined DNSBLs for your convenience
– Possibility to add custom DNSBLs
– WHOIS hostnames, IP addresses and PTRs
– Faster asynchronous network I/O
– Works with Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE and GPRS
– Eye-pleasing interface design

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