Review: Eve of Impact (Games / Arcade)

by Matthew on December 16, 2012

Eve of Impact

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Eve of Impact (Version: 1.3.0)

Reviewed by Matthew Chan on Dec 16th 2012

Quick Rating: 8.5 out of 10

What is it?
► This is a fun arcade game with great visual effects and classic Missile Command gameplay.

► Excellent graphics with great visual effects such as explosions, asteroid trails, impact shock wave, etc.
► Bring classic Missile Command gameplay to the next level – using shock wave to deflect asteroid besides merely destroying them with explosions.
► Rate your score against local and game center board right after end of the game. You do not need to go to game center to see your rating.

► There is no gravity in this game’s physics. The gravity of Earth and Moon does not affect asteroid trajectory. I would love to see an update with gravity physics like Gravity Lab.
► No reward system – I would love to see rewards of bigger missiles and shield. It would make this game much more addictive.

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► None

★ I am interested to know any tips and tricks on playing this game. Please share your experience with us at the comment below. ★

Eve of Impact


Blast away at an increasing barrage of asteroids to protect earth from destruction!

Tap your screen to fire missiles at incoming asteroids, watch the immense explosions push away or shatter their targets. Aim carefully because the more missiles explode the more panic is caused and the slower earth’s evacuation progresses. The moment you can no longer hold of the barrage of asteroids you witness the end of earth as it has never been shown in any mobile game.

Can you hold of the asteroids long enough, giving mankind a chance to survive?


● Cinematic lifelike visuals that will pull you in.
● Challenging fast and strategic gameplay.
● Unique gameplay influenced score system.
● Dramatic and thrilling end game animations.
● Online leader boards and achievements.
● Ideal for those short pick up and play sessions.
● Can be enjoyed on both your iPad and iPhone.


Soundtrack by Remy van Dun

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