Review: Blendamaze (Games / Puzzle)

by Matthew on December 2, 2012


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Blendamaze (Version: 1.1)

Reviewed by Matthew Chan on Mar 8th 2013

Quick Rating: 9 out of 10

Addictive Rating: 4 out of 10 (Somewhat Addictive / 10+ / R,A)

What is it?
► This unique puzzle game blends ball-in-maze gameplay with color mixing fun.

► Great game for all ages: from easy beginner levels (mix 1-2 colors) to impossible levels (mix a full spectrum color in a full blown maze).
► Simple yet beautiful graphics
► Solid tilt control

► Lack tilt sensitivity adjustment

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► None

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Find out for yourself why people are saying this about Blendamaze – an exciting game that combines a labyrinth board and artist’s paint palette into one! Blendamaze is truly a unique, colorful family-friendly game that’s both challenging for adults and even educational for children!

Blendamaze brings a unique, innovative twist to the classic labyrinth game as the marble becomes your virtual paintbrush that you use to blend colors and solve puzzles! Put your color theory skills to the test as you navigate your marble around over 100 beautifully-designed levels correctly blending paint colors. Blendamaze is easy to pick up by both adults and kids alike, and provides an original blend of gameplay and learning!


✭ Over 100 beautifully-designed levels!
✭ Challenging yet educational gameplay
✭ Kids learn color theory while playing!
✭ Looks fantastic on iPhone and iPad!
✭ Work with primaries, secondaries and tertiaries
✭ Leave paint trails all over the board!
✭ Nearly endless color blending combinations!
✭ Earn stars to unlock level helpers & hints!
✭ Earn Chameleon Marbles to solve tough levels!
✭ Realistic gameboard physics
✭ Smooth difficulty curve
✭ Kids can paint endlessly in “Just Paint” mode!
✭ Bonus near-impossible “Full Spectrum” levels
✭ Customizable recalibration
✭ Numerous achievements with GameCenter!


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