Review: 3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone4 (Gyroscope enabled) (Navigation / Astronomy)

by Matthew on November 30, 2012

3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone4 (Gyroscope enabled)

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3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone4 (Gyroscope enabled) (Version: 1.1)

Reviewed by Matthew Chan on Nov 30th 2012

Quick Rating: 9 out of 10

What is it?
► It is a super smooth compass app for iPhone 4 or newer. It also displays sun and moon position and phases.

► Compass responses quickly and display smoothly than any other compass apps I seen.
► Cool 3D view that levels; no matter how you hold your phone. The iOS built-in compass does not work proper when you hold your phone upright.
► It displays Sun and Moon position (Moon phases as well) at current time or at a specific date and time.
► When swipe down on the date or time drop box, the Sun and Moon will move forward in time and making an interesting animation.

► None

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3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone4 (Gyroscope enabled)

3D Sun&Moon Compass for iPhone4 (Gyroscope enabled)

★★★iPhone 4 exclusive! Retina display, multitask and build-in gyroscope/digital compass enabled!★★★
It’s so excited to introduce you the best 3D Sun and Moon Virtualization app on iPhone4!
This is a virtual 3D compass sphere which shows the position of Sun and Moon in the sky with perfect application of virtual reality technology! Full utilization of the build-in gyroscope, digital compass and accelerometer drive the best user experience.

With the cutting edge signal processing technique and combining the output of build-in gyroscope and digital compass, this app has fast reaction and high accruacy than any other similar applications.

– With iPhone 4, the build-in gyroscope will be fully utilized and combined with the accelerometer to give you a full position sensitive experience.
– The 3D compass in a fantastic crystal ball will always point to the True North, no matter you rotate or position the phone in which direction.
– You could see the current position of the Sun and Moon simultaneously on the 3D compass ball, and the 24-hour orbit of the Sun and Moon will be displayed as a circle surround the ball.
– Display the time of Sun rise/set and moon rise/set.
– Time and date can be adjusted smoothly, the position of Sun and Moon will move simultaneously with the changing of the date or time.
– User can choose current location from a world map by trigger the top left location button.
– Smooth motion flow and quick response which is realized by cutting edge signal processing technique.
– Superb high quality graphic display by enabling the retina display of iPhone4 and full screen anti-aliasing technology employment.

IMPORTANT: 3D Compass for iPhone4 using the build-in gyroscope of iPhone4 and not support other models.

A wonderful experience you never had before!
Just Go and Enjoy it!

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